Surface Remix Project

Microsoft announced Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 yesterday. Both look pretty cool and overall big improvements from the first gen products. I probably won’t be buying a Surface 2. I already own Surface 1 and can’t justify buying every iteration of the product. I am however in the market for a new ultrabook and I am now seriously considering the Surface Pro 2 (256GB).

What really peaked my interest about yesterday’s announcement was the hardware behind the Touch Cover 2 keyboard and the Surface Remix Project.

(Image Copyright Microsoft)


The inside of the Touch Cover was redesigned to contain 1092 sensors instead of 80, and the keys are also back lit.

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This has the potential to open the touch cover to applications beyond a simple keyboard. Theoretically, we could overly any design we want over these 1092 sensors. Microsoft already showed us one really cool application for DJs with the Surface Remix Project and we are seeing some good conversations about other potential applications on Twitter today.


There really are so many possibilities for this technology. Off the top of my head, I can imagine specific applications for drafters and engineers. I can imagine amazing registers for high end stores and restaurants. Really, my mind is spinning with ideas right now. 

I think Caleb Jenkins said it best…this touch friendly, SDK-enabled light bright is a MUST HAVE. Microsoft, please make it available for us so you can take our money…